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Are You Ready For This Spooky Season? Here Are The 8 Best Things You Can Do

Have you checked out the spooky season hashtag on Instagram yet? Well, this hashtag has crossed over 7M on Instagram with cool spooky season wallpaper and spooky season meme collections, fashion ideas, and more. 

Also, as the fall sets in and we get closer to Halloween, it’s time to make everything quirky, spooky, and fun!

Are you ready to know how you can make the most of this season? Let the fun begin. 

The Best Things You Can Do In This Spooky Season

It’s spooky season, and you can be as creative as you want with a wicked touch. 

Whether you are a party person or an introvert willing to enjoy some spooky fun quietly, this mixed bag of ideas will surely help you. 

Want To Watch The Best Spooky Season Movies? 

Spooky season and horror movies are like a match made in heaven. When the nights are longer, and it starts getting cold outside, horror movies can make it spookier.

How about giving “The Popes Exorcist” a try this season? 

This movie from Sony Pictures is scary and now available on Netflix. 

So cuddle up on your couch, call some friends over, or enjoy the movie with your family. 

Another must-watch movie for this spooky season is Midsommar. This horror folk movie released in 2019 will give you a chill up your spine.

Take Part In Cool Spooky Season Activities 

It does not matter if you have crossed the trick-or-treat fun. You can still take part in some cool spooky season activities.

I have a really healthy and yummy idea to make your Halloween more exciting.

Did you know that pumpkin facial is great for your skin as it is loaded with vitamins? 

Did you know that pumpkin facial is great for your skin as it is loaded with vitamins

Once you are done with your facial skin care and the entire manicure and pedicure routine, you can make some really yummy pumpkin soup. To make it spicier, add some extra black pepper. Otherwise, you can make the garnishing apt for the season by creating spooky faces on the soup with fresh cream. 

Scavenger Hunt Game
Scavenger Hunt Game

Another fun Halloween activity for you can be inviting your friends to your place to play some exciting board games or planning a fantastic scavenger hunt game. 

Watch The Spooky Season Podcast 

Watch The Spooky Season Podcast 

Are you ready to listen to the scariest spooky season podcast? It has to be Ghosts in the Burbs.

It is “a podcast about the people of Wellesley, Massachusetts and the ghosts (and monsters) who haunt them.”

Another podcast that I find really scary and apt for the spooky season is Lore. Released in 2015, this podcast is still popular among horror story lovers.

The tales are dark, and each episode brings something creepy and unexpected for the listeners. 

Follow The Best Fashion Trends For Spooky Season 

The spooky season is the ideal time for some serious partying. So, get your fashion game on point. From Halloween-themed graphic T-shirts and pullovers to black sheer gowns, you have a plethora of options to try.

Further, the season calls for getting inspired by iconic fantasy characters. My favorite theme this season is the Maleficent costume. Why don’t you give that a try?

Also, if you are someone looking for finesse, get your nails ready. Get the best stiletto-shaped nail extensions with glitters and other spooky nail designs. 

Try Making Some DIY Spooky Décor Items For This Halloween

Don’t you love those pumpkin lights and spooky décor items for your house? You can place these lights along walkways or on the dining table to make the home décor apt for the situation.

You can also go for the witch hat lights inspired by Harry Potter and hang them from the ceiling to create an eerie ambiance.

If you want something more detailed, make bat threads and tie them together to give the formation of a chandelier. Now, hang the chandelier from the ceiling. 

Another great idea is to put big artificial spiders inside glass jars filled with colorful water and glitter. Place the jars in front of the lights to make the décor look scarier. 

Bake Some Yummy Halloween Goodies 

A classic dessert to make during Halloween is pumpkin pie. Don’t worry if you have cracked the pie. In fact, it’s a blessing if you have just taken out a cracked pie from the oven.

Halloween Special Pumpkin Pie

Halloween Special Pumpkin Pie

You can use whipped cream or melted chocolate for the decoration of the pie. Make spooky faces with gems, beads, and other exciting toppings.

And there is no end to Halloween cookie ideas. Give the cookies funny shapes like bats, skeletons, creepy faces, cats, owls, etc.

You can also experiment with the topping with colorful creams and beads. 

Want something salty in your snacks? How about making some delicious birria tacos and garnishing them in a spooky way with mayo and mustard sauces? 

Host A Wine Tasting Party 

There is no Halloween party without the best wines. You can arrange an assortment of white, red, and rose wines in your house.

And if there is a wine-tasting party, plan your food menu beforehand. Keep the cheese blocks and fruits ready by your side for the perfect munch.

Let the vivaciousness of wines encourage a soulful conversation among loved ones. However, before hosting a wine-tasting party, you need to decide on a theme and let people go blindfolded while taking a sip of the best wines in your collection. 

Enjoy Some Me-Time With The Best Horror Books You Have

What can be spookier than your imagination running wild and imagining all the gory things? Well, to fuel your imagination, you will need some horror books in your collection.

Enjoy Some Time With The Best Horror Books You Have

I am always in for some Western supernatural thrill in the spooky season. So, my favorite pick this year is the Vampires of El Norte. This book by Isabel Cañas is set in Mexico in the 1940s. 

“Becoming the Boogeyman” is another book I want to recommend for you this season. This sequel to Chasing the Boogeyman has gone on the block on 10th October 2023. 

This is a thrilling read with elements like affinity toward crime and evil adulation in modern society.

Summing Up

Are you all set to celebrate this October with some scary and cool ideas? Read the best books, watch your favorite horror movies, and have a good time with your loved ones.

What’s your plan for this season? Don’t forget to share and wish you and your family a happy spooky season! 

Go quirky and have a lot of fun. 

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