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What Are The Benefits Of Using Face Razor For Women

Is a Face razor also available for women? Yes, that is the first question that comes to your mind after hearing the name face razor for women. Does it sound a little masculine? No woman likes to have hairy faces. We are the WOMEN! And we all use several tricks to get smooth hairless skin.

But most of these tricks are pretty painful, from waxing to threading. As we are women, we all are prepared to bear pain just to look good. And if you are one of those who tried different tricks and tips to get smooth skin but in the end experienced redness and skin tearing. Then this is the right sport where you will get all your answers.

Let’s see if using the face razor can improve your skin; hence many myths are associated with using razors on female skin.

Is Face Shaving Right For Female Skin?

face shaving right for female?

Yes, females shave their faces. This is not a new concept. You can see the movie the Great Doctor, and you will understand that shaving is not at all masculine. If you want to look cleaner and neater, saving is the only solution.

Is face shaving right for female skin? This is a million-dollar question. Many people think female hair growth is the same as male hair growth. But the facts are the same male and female hormones are different. And their functions over hair growth are also different.

That means if you are starting to shave your face, there is no chance of waking up with a mustache once in a fine morning. Shaving does not darken your hair and increase hair growth.

Female facial hair growth is only possible when the hormonal secretions are not balanced in the body. Now let’s move to the benefits of using a ‘women face razor for your face.

Benefits Of Using Women’s Face Razor

Face Razor

Maybe women do not have dark and thick hair on their facial skin, but very mild facial hair is always present on every woman’s face. And upper lip portions are the most prominent areas where the hairs are becoming darker.  So hair removal is always required to get a smooth skin finish look.

Here are three benefits of using women’s face razors on their face.

Better Application Of Makeup And Other Skincare Products

A face razor is not going to eliminate the facial hair of the skin. You can use the best razor to prevent ingrown hairs on your face.It also removes dead skin cells of the skin.

When you are going to have smooth hair free skin, every makeup application looks better. And your skin’s absorption levels are going to improve.

Painfree Hair Removal

Pain-free hair removal is like a blessing. The two common hair removal processes waxing and threading, are both pretty painful. And laser hair removal is expensive; hence everyone does not go under the laser ray.

When you are using any good skin razor like jill face razor, you can enjoy every hair removal session. This is a pain-free hair removal process just you have to follow the right procedures to avoid any cuts or bumps due to razor use.

Get Smooth And Clear Skin

Shaving your face with the face razor is going to smooth out your skin. And also revolves around all the dead skin cells which are on the top of your skin. These procedures are more like exfoliators.

Are you aware of the dermaplaning on the skin? Skin shaving with facial razors rae not going to give you the same effects as dermaplaning. But you will get smooth and beautiful and glowy skin at your home.

These are the three benefits of using the razor on your skin. Now move on to the next part and learn how to use face razor.

How To Use Face Razor And Have A Perfect Shave Experience?

A Perfect Shave Experience

Thinking about how to use eyebrow razor on face? Many women are already starting to use the eyebrow razor on their faces after the pandemic. During the lockdown, most of the beauty treatment centers remained closed. So using the eyebrow razor on the face is the only solution. The wand which you are using to shape up your eyebrows, that face razor can also be used for shaving your whole face.

Steps For A Perfect Shaving Experience

Your facial skin is much thinner than the rest of your body. You have to take some extra care for removing your facial hair and for using the face razor.

Here are the tips which you must follow to avoid any kind of razor cut face.


Before using a face razor, always start with a clean face. Use mild soap to clean all the dirt from your face. Then dry out your skin with soft tissue or a clean hand towel.

Step 2: Use Single-Blade Razor

The single-blade razors are best for women’s face shaving. Usually, all the eyebrow razor for the face has come up with a single blade.

Or else you can pick a dermaplaning razor for cleaning your facial hair. Do not apply any upward stroke. Use the downward, very small stroke.

Step 3: Do Not Skip The Shaving Gel

Shaving gel is not always for males. For cleaning facial hairs, you can apply shaving gel to your moisturized skin. Then slowly use the face razor blade.

If required, wait for some time till your hair is getting soft.

Step 4: Perfect Stroke For Face Shaving

What is the best razor to prevent ingrown hairs on the face? The best solution is to give a small stroke. And do not use the razor blade in the opposite direction, as the women’s facial hairs are smaller and finer.

Step 5: Moisturise

After shaving, moisturization is the must-step. If you want to avoid any cuts and razor bumps, use the aloe vera gel all over your face.

Aloe Vera gel has anti-itching properties. Using this, you can minimize the itching sensations of your skin. And it will make your skin look glowy.

What To Do And Don’t Women Face Shaving?

Now you know how to use eyebrow razor on face. But now this is the time to count what to do and not if women face shaving.

Let’s have a look.

Women’s Face Shaving DoWomen’s Face Shaving Don’t 
Always start with a clean and washed face.Do not use the body hair cleaning the same razor which you are using on your body hair.
Use the strokes in the direction of the hair growth.Do not use abrupt strokes on the face. Always hold the razor at a 45-degree angle.
Disinfect the razor after a single use.Don’t glide the face razor in the same place.
Use a chemical-free lotion after face shaving.If you have acne-prone sensitive skin, don’t shave your face.

How To Take Care Of Your Face After Shaving?

After Shaving

The newly shaved face always turned out to be more sensitive and acne prone. So aftercare is pretty essential for maintaining healthy skin.

Here are the aftercare tips that you must follow.

  • Do not use any harsh chemicals or makeup after shaving your skin.
  • If you are feeling any burning sensation, then always start to use the irritation-free alcohol-free toner.
  • Use natural antiseptic cream and lotion on cuts.
  • Do not expose your face to direct sun exposure. Always apply sunscreen before going out into the sun.

Keep Glowing With Healthy Skin:

There is no harm in using a face razor on women’s faces. You will get very bright and glowy skin after a single use of the face razor. But always keep one thing in your mind: using the face razor is not giving you the finish like the dermaplaning. Hence dermaplaning is only done by professionals, but using the face razors is entirely different. It is going to eliminate the excess chairs of your face and give your skin a more polished look.

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