Mexican Traditional Dress For Women

Wearing A Mexican Traditional Dress And Making An Identity (7+ Ideas For Women)

Mexico is a vibrant country. From Mexican food to Mexican traditional dress, you will find a lot of spices and colors. Have you been to a Mexican festival or wedding? Have you ever seen Mexican women dancers matching rhythms? You will know how a modest form of clothing can celebrate joie de vivre to perfection.

The fabrics used in Mexican traditional dresses are comfortable, and they offer protection from the scorching rays of the Sun. You will find the use of cotton, fine silk, wool, and other materials in their tailoring.

So, what makes a traditional Mexican dress so special? How can I dress like a traditional Mexican woman? Let’s find out.

Why is Mexican Traditional Dress So Special?  

Why is Mexican Traditional Dress So Special

Along with the use of a lot of colors and comfortable fabric, traditional Mexican clothing portrays an eclectic character.

If you do some research on “dress traditional Mexican clothing,” you will find a lot of influence of many European and native American cultures. Especially with Spanish people settling here, the traditional outfit has found its signature style.

You will see a lot of use of bright colors like green, brown, yellow, or red in the outfits. Earlier, all the clothes used to get dyed naturally in Mexico. However, with time, relying solely on natural dyeing does not seem a feasible option.

Nevertheless, it’s time to explore some of the best traditional outfit ideas for women.

Mexican Traditional Dress Ideas For Women   

Are you looking for a traditional Mexican dress near me? If you get the elements right, you can create your own style with it.

Further, like every outfit coming from a distinct culture, like the cowboy outfit, the modern traditional Mexican dress is a fusion of the authentic style and your individual fashion sense.

If you explore the designs of Latinx designers this year, you will find out how their origins or cultures have played a role in what they create. Especially, Jonathan Cohen, one of the prominent names among these designers, says,

About the upcoming Spring 2024 collection, he says,

“For our Spring 2024 collection, we did an embroidered tulle coat in collaboration with Péro. When the coat came back, everyone commented that it would be something that Frida Kahlo would wear. I wasn’t thinking of Frida or Mexico when making the coat, but she (and my heritage) are so embedded in me that it just naturally comes out.”

So, paying an ode to the Mexican culture, let’s check out some cool ideas for you.

1. Michoacan Traditional Mexican Dress  

If you have a look at the Michoacan Mexican traditional dress, you will find women wearing an embroidered blouse. They layer the blouse with an overblouse and an apron. However, they do not wear the overblouse on regular occasions. It’s reserved for festivals, weddings, and other special celebrations.

In Mexican culture, the apron is known as Delantal. It’s like a tapestry of cross stitches and embroidery work. Over this apron, women of Mexico wear a shawl or wrap known as Reboso.

2. Mexican Skirt  

Have you seen a peacock dancing with all his feathers spread? A dance in a traditional Mexican skirt is nothing less of a sight. With the dancers in full swirls and creating folds and pleats with the skirt, it’s a visual treat.

Mexican skirts are tubular or rectangular in form. These stand out due to detailed lacework or frills along the hemline.

You can wear a traditional Mexican skirt with a traditional blouse. You can even team it up with a tightly fitted, short-sleeved T-shirt for a boho-chic vibe.

3. Mexican Traditional Blouse  

Blouse comes in traditional Mexican outfits thanks to a European influence. Mexican blouses today are made of fine cotton muslin, satin, popelina, and manta fabrics.

These blouses feature detailed embroidery work depicting floral motifs.

4. Rebozo: An Essential Element In Mexican Traditional Dress  

It’s a long and rectangular piece of cloth resembling a shawl. Women from all walks of life used to wear rebozo in the 19th century.

It became an extension of womanhood and independence. You can get a rebozo with tie and dye or detailed embroidery work to celebrate traditional Mexican fashion.

5. Mexican Folklore Dresses   

If you are into ethnic fashion, you have to be a fan of Mexican folklore dresses. Frida Kahlo brought the distinct fashion tradition of the country into the limelight.

These dresses with detailed embroidery and lacework. Pink and yellow are the dominant colors in these dresses, with adornments in contrasting shades.

6. Tehuana Mexican Dress  

Tehuana Mexican dresses stand out due to their sheer elegance. These traditional outfits are also a symbol of Mexican culture and nationhood.

These dresses feature bold floral motifs and lacework along the hemline. Team it with a big white Mexican hat to complete your look.

7. China Poblana  

This is an important style if we talk about Mexican traditional dress. It has a white blouse and a white shawl.

However, the beauty of the ensemble lies in its flared skirt with detailed embroidery.

8. Charro Mexican Traditional Dress For Women  

Like the cowgirl outfits of America, Mexico had its charro dress for horsemen. It’s a Spanish term. Another influence of charro outfits in Mexican fashion probably came from the Mariachi musicians.

For the charro outfit, you can wear a white shirt with a black or brown charro suit inspired by the ones worn by the traditional Mexican horsemen. Team your outfit with a big Mexican hat, chains, and metal accessories.

A slightly feminine way to master this trend is donning a traditional Mexican shirt and top set with embroideries. Don’t forget the Mexican hat to complete your look.

If you are seeking inspiration from a Mariachi outfit, wear a long floral dress in vibrant color. Add frills around the neck and sleeve hem to keep the vintage charm intact.

A sexier way to dress in this style is teaming a lace mini skirt featuring an asymmetrical hem with a shirt.

Final Words   

The Mexican traditional dress is much beyond couture. Further, the vibrant colors, bold cuts, and embroidery are extensions of Mexican traditional culture and lifestyle. You pick a traditional blouse or skirt, and you will see how beautifully they have become a work of art.

Along with the elements discussed, you can also get a poncho or a Faja to enhance your collection of traditional Mexican dresses.

So, it’s time for Mexico this season for some much-needed splash of colors to your wardrobe.

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