Are Press-On Nails Better Than Acrylic?
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Are Press-On Nails Better Than Acrylic?

If you love having your nails done but can’t afford the time and expense of the nail salon, it’s time to try press-on nails.

These are not your grandma’s nails. These nails will stay on for weeks and offer a wide variety of styles. From almond to coffin or simple to stylish, no matter how you like to wear your nails there’s a nail kit for you. Press-on nails are a versatile stylish solution that can be easily applied at home. You really can get salon-grade press-on nails delivered right to your door.

What Are Press-On Nails?

A lot of you call press-on nails fake nails but basically they are artificial acrylic nails which you can stick on your natural nails. You can be assured that the nails will be on for at least 2 weeks if you are very careful however, these are completely low maintenance.

Even your nails’ quality is safe if you use press-on nails as compared to acrylic or gel ones. There are several shapes of press-on nails such as coffin, square, almond or stiletto thus, you can choose based on your style and fashion.

Furthermore, you can get them in different nail designs along with different colours. You can choose sizes of the nails starting from short, medium and long. Read along to know more about how press-on nails work along with how long they will last.

How Do They Work?

Press-on nails usually come in a kit. The kit includes the nails, a cuticle-pusher, a file and nail glue. The nails are separated into five compartments with multiple sizes for each nail. This gives you a good chance of finding the nail that best matches your nail shape. If the nails are a bit off, you can file them down so they fit exactly.

How Long Do They Last?

That comes down to the quality of the nails you purchase, but a quality set can last up to two to three weeks with the proper application. The more glue you use, the longer the application will last.

If you need them temporarily, the better sets will come with sticky tabs which will work for 3 – 4 days. You can have flashy nails for the weekend, and then back to business nails for the work week. You can easily have a different nail design for every occasion.

Benefits Of Using Press-On Nails!

When you are reading about the different aspects of press-on nails, let me share with you about the factors that are advantageous. The first aspect is the process of using press-on nails is quick and effortless. All you need to do is apply the glue and then drop the nail on it and press it firmly.

Done! As easy as that! Now coming to another benefit, the natural nails are quite safe below the press-ons because the glue and the press-on nails are not at all damaging for the health of your natural nails.

No long time commitment, what can be better than that! You can use press-ons which are of different designs and enjoy them based on your preferences. Considering you are not splurging a lot of money on it, you will not feel the need to stay committed to the style of nails for too long.


Press-on nails are much safer than acrylic extensions. Between the buffing needed to apply acrylic nails and the acetone used to remove them, your fingers and nail beds take a beating.

Removing press-on nails is as easy as soaking your hands in warm soapy water for 15 minutes until the nails flake off. There are no harsh abrasive chemicals involved.

Nail salons face stiff regulations regarding hygiene and the sanitation of their equipment. Applying press on nails in your own home eliminates any concern that might cause.

How To Apply Press-On Nails

Thoroughly clean your nails and remove any old polish. You can use rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball to make sure you get it off completely. Your nail application will last longer if you fully remove any dirt, oil or other debris that can interfere with the glue.

Select your nail size before you begin to apply the nails. You don’t want to be sorting through different nail sizes with wet glue on your fingers. If you need to, file down the nails to the best fit for your nail beds.

Apply one nail at a time. Cover your whole nail bed with glue and then line the press-on nail up with your nail bed and press down firmly for 20 to 30 seconds.

Paint your nails and apply a topcoat to maintain your nails. This will help keep them from chipping and make them look more realistic.

Press-on nails are fun, fast and easy and are something you should add to your fashion ensemble.

How Different Are Press-On Nails From Acrylic Nails?

Press-on nails are quite easy as compared to Acrylic nails because you can do it on your own. It is also due to the fact that press-on nails are only intended for a few days or a week. So, if you want to style your nails for some occasion then go for press-on nails!

If you do not want to spend more money on it as well as do not want to continue designer nails for a longer period, then pressing on nails is the best. Acrylic nails are mostly applied by qualified nail artists because there are a lot of elements involved. So, are press-on nails better than acrylic? 

The artificial nail extensions are made of acrylic plastic where it is put over nail extensions. If you have brittle nails, acrylic nails are your go to! However, the concern is if you do not take regular care, your natural nails will further be damaged.

For acrylic nails, you need to be more careful and constantly maintain your nails. For press-on nails however, they do not need to be maintained. You can apply the press-on nails at home only.

Finishing Off…

To sum it up, press-on nails are the coolest , especially if you want to have manicured nails at home without spending too much money or resources. It is completely low maintenance along with tools such as nails, cuticle-pusher, nail glue and a filer to create beautifully manicured nails.

The press-ons nails are much safer as compared to acrylics because it keeps your natural nails quite safe. The instruments used to do it are much safer as compared to acrylic nails being applied by the salon!

Comment on when you want to have a manicured session! Or are you someone who would like to go to a salon instead of doing press-on nails at home?

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