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Do You Want To Protect Hair From The Sun? Some Simple Tips For You

Do you need to spend long hours in the Sun? Has your hair turned brittle and frizzy? You need to definitely learn how to protect hair from the Sun.  

The UVA and UVB rays of the Sun can damage and destroy your hair cuticles. As a result, your hair strands will become dry, frizzy, and unmanageable.  

Exposure to the Sun can cause discoloration and fast aging of your hair. Moreover, if you have light-colored hair, it will be damaged more by the Sun.  

What Are The Best Ways to Protect Hair From The Sun?

What Are The Best Ways to Protect Hair From The Sun?

Do you like to spritz some hair lighteners on your hair before going out for a beach day out in the Sun? We all love Sun-kissed hair and those golden highlights. However, many of us don’t realize how long exposure to the Sun can actually damage our hair. 

So, do you want to know how to protect hair from the Sun? Here are some simple yet effective measures for you to follow.  

Wear A Hat

Wear A Hat

What is the simplest answer you can think of when someone asks you how to protect hair from Sun? Wear a hat! 

A hat, especially a wide-brimmed one, functions as a physical shield against the harmful ultraviolet rays of the Sun. So, it does not matter whether you are stepping out for an hour or you have to spend an entire day outdoors. Wearing a hat is a must. 

Also, as a shield, it will not let your scalp become dry, and it will protect your hair from sunburn.  

In addition, a well-designed hat can be your statement accessory this summer. Wear it with a floral dress or your denim and top staple to make a chic appearance.     

Use A Thermal Heat Protectant To Protect Hair From Sun 

Use A Thermal Heat Protectant To Protect Hair From Sun 

Are you still looking for a solution about how to protect hair from UV damage? A thermal heat protectant solution is a lightweight formula. It fights against UV rays and unnecessary heat generated by heat-styling tools.  

There are many reasons why a thermal heat protectant can be a part of your regular hair care regime. Let’s discuss this briefly. 

Protects From UV Radiation

You can call a thermal heat protectant a sunscreen for your hair. It reduces the amount or the effectiveness of UV rays penetrating your scalp and hair strands.  

Protects Your Hair From Heat

Thermal heat protectants have essential blends of proteins. Further, with the goodness of caviar extract, these heat protectants create a shield or barrier on your hair strands.  

They keep your hair strands guarded from the Sun and other environmental aggressors.  

Keeps Your Hair Strands Protected

When you are in the Sun for long hours, your hair cuticles can get damaged. Thermal heat protectants shield your cuticles and thus make your hair strands stronger. So they don’t fall off easily.  

Apply Hair Sunscreen To Protect Hair From Sun

Apply Hair Sunscreen To Protect Hair From Sun

A hair sunscreen with a high sun protection factor (SPF) can be an effective solution to protect your hair from the wrath of harmful UV rays and heat.  

These hair sunscreens come with avobenzone and methoxycinnamate. They also have zinc oxide. All these ingredients function as UV filters. When you apply the sunscreen to your hair, there will be a protective outer layer around your hair strands. The ingredients present in the sunscreen will either absorb the UV rays or reflect them as a measure of protection. 

Further, the best sunscreens for hair work to protect your hair cuticles.  

How To Protect Your Hair From The Sun Using Hair Sunscreen?

If you are using a hair sunscreen spray, you can spritz it on your hair and scalp. These sunscreens are also available in powdery or balmy formulations.  

However, only hair sunscreens are not enough if you want to protect your scalp from sunburn or other forms of damage. There are sprays and balms that are specially manufactured to protect your scalp without causing any harm to your hair.  

Nevertheless, here is a step-by-step guide that you can follow to get the best results.  

  • First, shampoo and dry your hair. The application of hair sunscreen sprays is very easy. It is also convenient because you can apply it before or after styling your hair. 
  • Next, keep the spray bottle at least six inches away from your head and spritz the solution across different parts of your hair. However, always remember that the top of your hair needs extra protection.  
  • Further, you can use your fingers or comb to distribute the Sunscreen in your hair.  
  • Wait for your hair to get dry before you step out.  

Wear Sun Protective Clothing To Protect Hair From The Sun

Wear Sun Protective Clothing To Protect Hair From The Sun

The best Sun-protective clothing comes with a high ultraviolet protection factor (UPF). You need an outfit that has a UPF rating of at least 15 to 24. The UPF factor of 25 to 39 makes an outfit good in ultraviolet ray protection.  

Further, clothes that come with a UPF rating of 40 to 50 will be an excellent choice for you. To protect your hair, you can wear scarves or specially tailored veils, which are available these days.  

Keep a couple of factors in mind while looking for the best Sun protective clothing for your hair. 

  • Clothes in darker shades and with a higher concentration of premium UV-blocking dyes will be good. 
  • Fabrics like polyester, nylon, and silk are the best choice to block UV rays
  • Fabrics that have undergone special treatments with “optical brightening agents” are most effective for Sun protection.  

How To Protect Hair From The Sun Through Proper Diet?

How To Protect Hair From The Sun Through Proper Diet?

If you want to protect your hair from Sun damage, you will have to take care of your health properly. You must be careful about what you eat to ensure that your hair enjoys a melanin boost and gets enough supply of vitamins A, E, and C, Omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, and selenium.  

I have already mentioned that these micro-nutrients are essential to protect your hair from Sun damage. You need to also have leafy vegetables and fruits that have antioxidant properties to fight free radicals.  

Proper hydration is equally important to ensure proper protection of your hair. So, drink enough water.  

As these micronutrients have the power to shield your hair, you must know their sources. 

  • Vitamin A: Carrots, milk, eggs, red bell pepper, mango 
  • Vitamin C: Broccoli, peppers, citrus fruits 
  • Zinc: Whole grains, poultry meat, oysters, seafood 
  • Selenium: Chicken, shellfish, lentils 
  • Vitamin E: Peanuts, pumpkin, almonds 
  • Omega 3 Fatty Acids: Salmon, tuna, nuts and seeds 

You need to have food that boosts melanin in your hair. Mushrooms, meat livers, and nuts are rich sources of melanin. Melanin is very important to protect your hair from Sun damage. It can adverse UV radiation and stop the breakout of free radicals.  


I hope you have found comprehensive answers to your queries about “how do I protect my hair from the Sun.” You can protect hair from the Sun to avoid common hair problems, including Sun damage and hair fall. So, in a way, protecting your hair from UV rays and Sun damage is a way to maintain your appearance.  

To sum up, you must wear a hat, use sunscreen for your hair, and apply thermal heat protectants to keep your hair cuticles and strands protected. Also, develop a healthy eating habit to make your hair strands stronger from within.

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