This Is The Best Way To Style Plus-Size Business Casual Outfits!
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This Is The Best Way To Style Plus-Size Business Casual Outfits!

The struggle to find that “perfect” formal outfit is real! Who said professional working attire cannot be stylish? And for our plus-sized dolls, there’s just too much stuff on the Internet. 

So, if you are looking for the right way to style your plus-size business casual, don’t look any further. In this comprehensive guide, there are a number of ideas for style.

Just sit back and relax while we serve you the trendiest ideas to take your dressing game higher!

The Concept Of Business Casual

The Concept Of Business Casual

First things first, we need to understand what business casual means. These outfits are solely made for professional environments, but they aren’t as strict as they sound. 

Well, don’t be too relaxed either. Business casual is the epitome of casual and formal outfits in perfect proportion. You cannot show up to work in ripped jeans and a crop top, obviously, which is exactly why the concept came into being.

With business models changing from all-office to remote jobs, a lot of flexibility has come in organizations. And the dressing is surely one of those. 

Now, there’s a freedom to mix and match your casual pieces with formal garments, too. But it is important to know the right balance, which is why we are here today. 

Ideas To Style Plus-Size Business Casual

Ideas To Style Plus-Size Business Casual

Let me break it to you: plus-sized business casual are much more attractive than you think. I mean, they are the best ones you’ve got there. But the problem comes with pairing it rightly. 

Here are some casual outfits that are mixed and matched with other “not-so-casual” ones:

Day 1: Formula Plus-Sized Blazers With Casual Trousers

The blazer is the corporate star- we are never giving up on it. Yet, in the business casual realm, there’s a particular way of styling it. 

A blazer makes you feel like you own the crowd. But carrying it the whole day with a tight skirt or trousers is a headache. Guess what? Now you can pair it up with casual trousers as well. 

While the blazer is a bit flowery, make sure your trousers are tight enough to amp up your shape. Go for printed trousers that have a formal touch in them and pair them alongside your favorite blazer.

Day 2: Styling Pant Suites For Plus-Sized Fam

When discussing formal business attire, pantsuits are the safest bet. If you choose a smart casual, there can be both bold patterns and colors present. 

While choosing pantsuits, settle for prints like delicate checks or magnificent floral looks. If you are more concerned about the cut, go for flared pantsuits and slay, as always!

Day 3: Plus-Size Business Casual Shirts

Business casual shirts are the cherry on the cake when you choose the right pattern or color. A dress shirt gives an elegant impression of you. Style them alongside plain jeans or colorful trousers to take your dressing game a level higher

Rely on slipovers for colder days because they keep you warm as well as give the right look of the dress shirt. An ideal-fitting shirt offers a long-lasting professional appearance. 

Day 4: Business Skirts For Conferences And Special Meetings

The feminine yet chic-inspired skirts add an elegant vibe to your wardrobe. It goes best with everything- a casual sweatshirt, a formal shirt, or a logo t-shirt. It always makes you look upfront and bold.

The best thing about professional-wear skirts is that the collection is massive. A-lined skirts, pencil skirts, flared skirts- you name them! Consider your figure for the right dressing, and choose something that flatters your body shape. 

Day 5: Plus-Size One pieces For Casual Days

Who doesn’t love to don a casual one-piece on lighter days? Classic A-line dresses or frocks not only look polished but also spell out style statements loudly. Combine it with cardigans or blazers to make them look more professional. 

However, one-piece outfits come with a few considerations, like they shouldn’t be shorter than knee-length. Also, ensure that it’s not completely sleeveless. Such outfits make you look unprofessional and don’t set the right impression. 

Plus-Size Business Casual Fabrics You Must Try!

Plus-Size Business Casual Fabrics You Must Try!

Unless you have a fabric of your choice, you cannot get enough confidence. The right fabric elevates both your style and comfort which is a must-have for any formal attire. 


Wool is perfect for tailored pieces such as blazers and suits. Not only does the fabric offer a smooth drape, but it also flatters your shape without making you look bulky. 

Make sure you find sleek silhouettes that are comfortable for your professional aura. 

Silk Blends

The luxurious fabric also deserves a place in your wardrobe because it makes your plus-sized professional attire fabulous. Whether it’s a blouse or a silk-blended top, these are sophisticated additions to your professional wardrobe. 


Cotton is quite popular for its softness and breathability. How about you get the goodness of this material attached to your professional outfit? Cotton shirts are a good option for those finding plus-size business casual at an affordable budget. 

Linen Blends

If you reside in a tropical country where the weather is always warm, go for linen blends. They are super comfortable and low-maintenance. There’s no need to iron them every now and then because fewer wrinkles are present on them. 

Synthetic Blends

Finally, settle for synthetics that can mimic the perfect qualities of natural fibers. It adds advantages such as moisture-wicking and stretchable material, which are perfect for everyday wear. 

Tips To Choose The Right Business Outfit For Your Plus-Size Figure

Tips To Choose The Right Business Outfit For Your Plus-Size Figure

Size is just a number; it should never dictate how you should dress. It’s important that you focus on the fashion, fit, and fabric that accentuates your shape but, at the same time, doesn’t make you look bulky. 

Choose Outfits That Elongate Your Body

Weight is more of a horizontal factor than a vertical. It combines more with the hips, thighs, waist, and bust. Your arm length, legs, or height does not change, no matter how much you change the scale. 

But a common concern for most plus-sized people is outfits that make them look shorter. No matter what your height is, make sure you choose a flattering outfit that creates the illusion of you as a long, petite figure. 

Try wearing a single-colored outfit or wearing high-rise jeans, something that shows up your ankles, etc. Such plus-size business casual would be perfect for you!

Accentuate Your Waist

A number of bodacious women give up their tucked-in tops or belts after menopause since they start gaining belly fat. However, belts can help you to shape your outfits better. 

If you have a thick midsection or an hourglass torso that has no indent to it, choose a belt. Make sure your belly looks tucked down, whereas your waist and butt look more visible in your business casual. 

Some common examples of such casual wear are wrap dresses, shirtdresses, jumpsuits, fit-and-flare dresses, belted pants, and paper-bag waist pants. A lot of styles might come and go, but this one never goes off the trend list. 

Tunics or Dresses That Flow

Business casual that is a bit flowy in nature can also bring out the best shape of you. When it’s an important meeting, and you have no idea what to wear, opt for a loose A-line dress. 

No break around the waist makes you look longer and sleek. Or long shirts that remain untucked go easily with elastic-waist paints and give a chic look. 

But remember one thing: your plus-size shape isn’t something you should be ashamed of. Be fearless in showing your best attributes; own your body! Unless you become confident in your own skin, you can never really rock a program. 

Create Bold Fashion Statements

I find it sad that a lot of plus-size women want to hide their actual figure in clothes, which is not at all necessary. Our bodies are our biggest personal strength; they should be portrayed without any worries. 

If you really want to create bold and unapologetic fashion statements, start by accepting yourself. Don’t put your head too much into looking slim or tall- it will come naturally with your confidence. 

Also, keep an eye on the latest trends and bring in outfits that can make you the star of the show. After all, we are not here to impress everybody!

The Bottom Line

Nowadays, plus-size business casual has become a common question for most individuals. But it doesn’t always have to be that way. Before your stylist makes your attire their business, show them how you can rock literally any outfit. 

The above-mentioned pairs will surely give you a chic avatar, and everyone in your office will surely turn heads. It is the charisma that you carry, irrespective of your body shape, size, or weight. 

Having said that, this article comes to an end. If you are plus-sized and you lack clarity about donning outfits, keep following us because we share some amazing ideas. Thank you for reading!

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