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8 Famous Half Ponytail Hairstyles Ideas For Women In 2022

What is it about a ponytail that makes a woman look so cute? Over the years, women have perfected the ponytail hairstyle.

But what about this half ponytail hairstyle? Is there anything special about it that makes girls look so cute? And do you know how to do half ponytail hairstyles? 

Today we are going to analyze the type behind half ponytail and how Ariana Grande single-handedly popularizes the trend.

It is obvious that you can do a half ponytail hairstyle in a lot of ways. So let’s check out a few of the ways you can rock a half ponytail hairstyle.

1. Half Ponytail For Layered Haircuts

Half Ponytail For Layered Haircuts

I know how difficult it can get to style straight hairstyles. Most of the time, I feel lost about what hairstyle option to go for so my hair doesn’t look flat. Then I stumbled upon the half-up, half-down ponytail hairstyle. 

Trust me when I say it looks great when done right. It looks really cute, and this type of ponytail is perfect for any occasion. It is the perfect style for a ponytail, half up half down black hairstyles.

If you have layered straight hair like me, then a half ponytail is the best way to highlight your layers. It adds dimension and volume to your hair and creates different hair color effects.

2. Sleek & Straight Ponytails

Sleek & Straight Ponytails

Are you bored with a regular sleek ponytail? Then go for the half sleek ponytail hairstyle to make a statement. A clean, sleek ponytail is always a statement look, now try it half up and half down. It will be a game changer. 

To create the perfect half sleek ponytail, first, make sure you have zero tangles in your hair. Then after doing the half pony, finish it off by spraying a considerable amount of hairspray to keep it intact. 

You can flaunt this look anywhere, from a business party or a night out with friends to a wedding look you wear. The look is highly versatile. 

3. Half Ponytail Wavy Hairstyles With Loose Curls

Half Ponytail Wavy Hairstyles With Loose Curls

Do you have that perfect wavy hair texture that I lust over? Other than being jealous of you, I can help you with the perfect hairdo for a playful look. 

Long wavy half up ponytail hairstyles give playfulness to the hair. It gives a certain fullness to your hair and volume. And if you leave the curls intact with hairspray, the look is incredible.

4. Special Wavy Half Ponytails

Special Wavy Half Ponytails

Special wavy half ponytails for that special occasion in your life. Half ponytail hairstyles have no bounds when it comes to styling them. 

Give your half up wavy ponytail a special wavy touch for any special. The hairstyle is going to give you a certain charm and elegance to your whole look. 

5. Half Up Layered Ponytail With Long Bangs

Half Up Layered Ponytail With Long Bangs

This is a hairstyle we have seen Ariana Grande wear; I don’t know how many times. But know it’s your time to rock the hell out of this half up layered ponytail with longer bangs.

If you have different shades in your hair, then this hairstyle is going to take your look to another level. And the bangs that fall on your face give an effortless hairdo look, even if you spend half an hour perfecting the look. 

This look is going to add a lot of movement to your hair and create a layering effect to your hair. 

6. High Up Ponytail With Beachy Waves

High Up Ponytail With Beachy Waves

Now that we have been talking about half ponytail hairstyles for a long time, how can we further spice up the style? What better than some great waves with bright and unique shades to enhance it. 

If you have thin hair, then the wavy or curly texture is always the best option for you. Take your curler and give your hair a nice wavy look; now put it half up half down hairstyle’s ponytail. 

To add a little more, add a few beads to cover up the hair tie you are using. Or you can even use a scrunchie. Lastly, to keep your curls intact the whole day, spray a bit of hairspray on them. Now, your hairstyle is going to look picture perfect. 

7. Braided Half Ponytail Hairstyles

Braided Half Ponytail Hairstyles

If you are up for a challenge, then I have a great one for you. Experiment with your half up ponytail by throwing a braid in the mix. Braids with ponytails are like a burger and fries, a match made in heaven. 

Add a simple braid to your half up ponytail to ace up your whole look. To try different styles of braids, try a Faux Hawk braid, then turn it into a ponytail. This will transform you from cute to edgy in seconds. 

If you still think these types of braided half ponytails are not creative enough for the look you want. Then check out the last look in our list to give you some more ideas. 

8. Braids Into Ponytail Hairstyles

Braids Into Ponytail Hairstyles

If you try this midi half braided ponytail look, you are surely going to rock any occasion. And with the twist of some bright colors, it is just going to elevate your look. 

The thing with this look is that it can create an edgy look as well as a folksy country look. So you can go both ways with this look. 

You can even play around with this type of hairstyle any way you want. If done right, this hairstyle is beautiful or any type of hairstyle. 

Frequently Asked Questions!

Q1. Is Half Ponytail Attractive?

Ans: A half ponytail looks beautiful when done right. It can look trendy, cute, romantic, or edgy.

Q2. Why Do I Look Bad In A Ponytail?

Ans: When you pull your hair up in a ponytail, it highlights your eyes. But in a half pony, your cheekbones are highlighted. If you feel conscious about that, then you might feel bad as well.

Q3. Can A Ponytail Cause Hair Loss?

Ans: Not only a ponytail but if you tie your hair up tightly for a longer period of time. But it also causes friction to your hair and leads to hair fall. 

Wrapping Up!

You can look good in any type of hairstyle if you have healthy hair. So keeping your hair healthy and nourished is very important for you girls.

Damaged hair is not appealing at all, so mind that the next time you add bleach to your hair or color to your hair. 

Hopefully, this article helps you to get ideas about half ponytails.

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